About the Artist

jane_marie_aboutpic Jane Marie, a native to Colorado, is a self-taught sculptor. Her work is inspired by her heritage, dating back to the mid 1800’s, to the Cherokee Indian People. In her words, this is what has inspired her work…
“In the beginning of time there was a Universal Language- a language not spoken, but understood by all living things. This made Perfect Harmony on Mother Earth. As the world grew larger, humans abused this gift and therefore were given a foreign tongue. The native people of Turtle Island, now called the United States, have kept in their hearts, the Truth of the Universal Language.
To keep the sacred language alive, Storytellers would travel to different camps to speak this truth. No one was ever told how to perceive the story, for each person could learn their own lesson from the same story. As the Tribes gave birth to new generations, they too, were given the same stories in hope to rebirth the Harmony that once was.”