The Making Of An Artist

Hello, and welcome to The Indigo Storyteller. Indigo is the color of the “Throat Chakra” in Eastern Cultures. It is believed that “Throat Chakra” represents ‘Speaking the Truth’. The word “Storyteller” is a name the American Indians gave to the One who traveled from tribe to tribe to pass down the ‘stories’ or ‘Sacred Truths’ inherent to that tribe so the belief systems could continue to be handed down from generation to generation….. and thus was born “The Indigo Storyteller”. My passion is to continue to pass on those “Sacred Truths” through my sculptures, for those who have the eyes to ‘See’.
Starting with and a lump of clay and detailed photographs of American Indian Heritage and their Art work, sculpting a “Storyteller” begins. It takes many, many hours of patient concentration to form clothes, hair hands, fingers and finish with fine beaded leather details – including leather stitching, fringes and to the tiniest of bead designs and feathers. The animal Storytellers are created in the same way.
Thank you for visiting my website and viewing my work.